Jrock album

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Jrock album

Today, Satori is acknowledged as one of the best heavy psych albums of all time. Equal parts Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and King Crimson, the band takes influences from the biggest psychedelic and progressive rock acts of the era and melds them together into a beautiful and somber release. The dreamy acoustic guitars transition seamlessly into the harder electric moments, making for diverse and colorful album that can be best described as three best-of compilations melted down and mixed into a pot to a form one record.

Few acts are more well-known or revered in the drone metal scene than the Japanese band Boris. A masterpiece of hard-hitting rock and metal with some of the most impressive guitar performances in recent memory courtesy of underrated maestro Wata, Pink is a grungy, burnt-out rollercoaster. Despite making such relatively straightforward music, Mass of the Fermenting Dregs is a band that defies categorization.

Releasing three EPs and one full-length album over the span of three years before breaking up, it seemed like Mass of the Fermenting Dregs would be a tragically short-lived project. The group was formed inmaking it a contemporary of legendary acts such as Death and Coroner. Sigh has released several esteemed recordings in its 26 years of existence, perhaps none more so than Imaginary Sonicscape. With the triumphant hard rock guitars and colorful synths of Deep Purple combined with the screeching vocals of the most popular death metal acts of the time, Sigh expertly combines two different schools of metal to form a bizarre concoction that should please any seasoned metal fan.

Before the post-rock genre ran out of ideas at some point in the turn of the decade, it was a haven for some of the most cinematic and expansive music that rock had ever produced.

Names like Godspeed You! While its collaboration with another great Japanese group, Worlds End Girlfriend, is among the most celebrated records in the category, You Are There is the album that best represents what made this type of music so great for a time—wistful and melancholy chords that built into explosive, immensely satisfying crescendos. Even as post-rock flounders in its later years, You Are There stands the test of time.

The bizarre aural assault of Melt-Banana defies the very idea of categorization. Some call it noise rock, some call it grindcore and most just call it absolutely insane. With a length of 36 minutes, 10 of which are the closing ambient track, Melt-Banana crams in more than enough lightning-fast gut-punches to leave a rock listener satisfied. And just when you think Envy is letting up, they come back swinging with fury and sadness. Unfortunately, vocalist Tetsuya Fukugawa left the project earlier this year, but even if this is the end of Envy, they leave behind one hell of a legacy.

Is Midori art punk? Jazz fusion? Is that even a genre? Ever since forming 30 years ago, the avant-garde group Boredoms have been pushing the boundaries of genre, composition and music itself under the leadership of auteur and certified oddball Yamatsuka Eye.

While their punky, noisy releases such as Pop Tatari are well regarded in their own right, the supersonic ascent of Vision Creation Newsun truly blows minds.

Boredoms blend krautrock, psychedelic rock, electronic and whatever genre Yamatsuka may be listening at the time into one freewheeling epic piece that transitions seamlessly from track to track, creating a masterpiece of noisy electronics and tribal drumming. Share Tweet Submit Pin. Tags j-rock japan japanese rock. Also in Music.Influenced by American and British rock of the sthe first rock bands in Japan performed what is called Group Soundswith lyrics almost exclusively in English.

Folk rock band Happy End in the early s are credited as the first to sing rock music in the Japanese language. Japanese rock music has received recognition worldwide, being widely known in Asia, and has survived through decades competing with its contemporary local style J-pop. Rock bands such as B'z and Mr.

Children are among the best selling music acts in Japan. The demand for rock in Japan is so huge that festivals mainly focused on it like the Fuji Rock Festival have been introduced since the late 90s with attendances reaching a peak ofpeople per festival making it the largest outdoor music event in the country.

In the s, many Japanese rock bands were influenced by Western rock musicians such as the BeatlesBob Dylanand the Rolling Stones[3] along with other Appalachian folk musicpsychedelic rockmod and similar genres: a phenomenon that was called Group Sounds G. John Lennon of the Beatles later became one of the most popular Western musicians in Japan. Nobuyasu Okabayashi was the first who became widely recognized. They both were influenced by American folk music but wrote Japanese lyrics.

jrock album

Takada used modern Japanese poetry as lyrics, while Kazuki Tomokawa made an album using Chuya Nakahara 's poems. Tomobe Masatoinspired by Bob Dylan, wrote critically acclaimed lyrics. Later, some of the members of the Tigers, the Temptersand the Spiders formed the first Japanese supergroupPyg. Uchida replaced every member of The Flowers except its drummer and renamed them the Flower Travellin' Band for October 's Anywherewhich includes covers of heavy metal band Black Sabbath and progressive rock act King Crimson.

After some member changes resulted in a more commercial sound, they changed their name to Vow Wow and relocated to England. In the s, a plethora of Japanese heavy metal bands formed. Inthey toured the United States and Europe and soon started focusing more on an international career.

In a deal with Atco RecordsLoudness became the first Japanese metal act signed to a major label in the United States. Till the end of the eighties only two other bands, Ezo and Dead Endgot their albums released in the United States. In SeptemberShow-Ya's album Outerlimits was released, it reached number 3 in the Oricon album chart. Homegrown Japanese folk rock had developed by the late s. There were highly publicized debates held between prominent figures in the rock industry, most notably the members of Happy End and Yuya Uchida, regarding whether Japanese rock music sung entirely in Japanese was sustainable.

The success of Happy End's debut album and their second, Kazemachi Roman released in Novemberproved the sustainability of Japanese-language rock music in Japan. Sometimes also beginning in the late sixties, but mostly active in the seventies, are musicians mixing rock music with American-style folk and pop elements, usually labelled "folk" by the Japanese because of their regular use of the acoustic guitar.

Solo artists of the same movement include Yosui InoueYumingand Iruka. Several Japanese musicians began experimenting with electronic rock in the early s. The most notable was the internationally renowned Isao Tomitawhose album Electric Samurai: Switched on Rock featured electronic synthesizer renditions of contemporary rock and pop songs. Cobain later asked the band to join them in a tour in the U.

Also during the s, Japanese metal and rock bands gave birth to the movement known as visual kei. Although starting in the early s, it was not until the tail-end of the decade that visual kei acts saw major success. Buck-Tick's album Seventh Heaven reached number 3 on the Oricon chart, and its follow-ups Taboo and Aku no Hana both topped it.

X Japan actually signed an American record deal with Atlantic Records inbut an international release never happened. In the s, Japanese rock musicians such as B'zMr. In the s, pop songs were often used in filmsanimetelevision advertisement and dramatic programmingbecoming some of the best-selling forms of music in Japan. The first Fuji Rock Festival opened in The following year, Supercar released its influential debut album Three Out Change.

jrock album

Around the same time, bands such as Quruli and Number Girl had begun heavily influencing Japanese alternative rock. Music critic Ian Martin wrote that, along with Supercar, these groups had demonstrated that "Japanese rock bands could take on the British and American alternative bands of the 90s at their own game Rising Sun Rock Festival opened in Versailles known as Versailles Philharmonic Quintet in North America is a Japanese visual kei symphonic power metal band formed in by vocalist Kamijo and guitarist Hizaki.

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After recruiting bassist Jasmine Youdrummer Yuki and guitarist Teruthey performed their first show on June Their key characteristics are their Rococo -esque costumes, [1] dueling guitars and heavy but melodic arrangements. The group gained a significant worldwide following soon after forming as their debut EP Lyrical Sympathyreleased by Kamijo's own label Sherow Artist Society, received a simultaneous European release and they performed in Europe and the United States the following year.

Their first full-length album, Noble released inwas also released in North America in Versailles signed to major label Warner Music Japan in mid, however, on August 9, days after announcing he would be suspending activities for health reasons, Jasmine You died.

Their major debut album Jubilee was completed with Hizaki performing the unfinished bass tracks. They went on a world tour that took them to Latin America and Europe and ended with new bassist Masashi officially joining. Their third album Holy Grail was their highest charting, reaching number 12 on the Oriconand was supported by their second world tour.

On July 20,Versailles announced they would be stopping all activities at the end of the year. They released their last album, the self-titled Versailleson September 26 and after a short tour, performed their last concert at NHK Hall on December Kamijo and Hizaki created the concept of Versailles in the autumn of and spent six months gathering members to express it.

Their band concept is "the absolute youshikibi beauty of form sound and extremes of aestheticism". They released promotional material through the internet, set up an English language page on MySpaceand had several interviews with foreign press. Versailles made their first appearance with a showcase on June 23, followed by their first performance on June InVersailles made their first appearances in Europe and United States. On July 9,Versailles digitally released their first full album, Nobleexclusively on international iTunes Music Stores.

It was released in America over a year later on October 21, by Maru Music, with an added bonus track. Versailles' Japanese record label announced on August 19, that they received notice of a musician in the United States already using the name "Versailles". Kamijo announced at the December 23, C. Their major debut single, " Ascendead Master ", was released on June 24, Versailles played their last nationwide tour as an independent band through March 26 to May 9, entitled The Fragment Collectors.

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Further events such as the Anthology of Revolution marked their final concerts, finishing with five consecutive nights at Meguro Rock May Kan. Their final independent live took place on June 21, Versailles announced that they would not be performing any more lives until they release their next album.

On August 3, it was announced that Jasmine You would temporarily suspend all musical activities due to unknown circumstances regarding his health and to recover.They enjoyed mainstream success with the inclusion of their songs "The World" and "Alumina" in the Death Note anime and are considered a major act in the visual kei scene. Nightmare started on January 1, [5] by Sakito and Hitsugi while most of the members were still in high school. They were all influenced by either X Japan or Luna Sea[7] therefore they started out as a cover band, before they began to write their own material.

Just as the band began getting more recognition at live houses and small concerts in the Sendai regionZannin left the band for unknown reasons. Eventually, Ruka formerly of Luinspear joined the band as a support member at first, but became the permanent drummer after a short time. Since Ruka joined Nightmare officially, their line-up hasn't changed. Shortly after, the band began short tours around the region with other supporting bands.

InNightmare signed with Nippon Crown and released their first single "Believe". Nightmare's song "Over" was used as the ending theme for the anime television series Croket!

In Nightmare released three singles; "Varuna", "Tokyo Shounen", and "Cyan", as well as another full album, Livid. From toNightmare continued working, releasing more singles and their third full-length album inAnimafor which the support tour, [Anima]lism, completely sold out. With three albums and several tours under their belt, Nightmare released a series of "greatest hits" albums.

These two songs were used as the first opening and ending themes respectively of the first nineteen episodes of the Death Note anime adaptation. They released their next single, "Raison d'Etre", barely a month after finishing their tour which was used as the opening theme song for the anime Claymore. On September 23,they performed at Nippon Budokan for the very first time.

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They released two more singles, "Konoha" on October 3, [11] and "Dirty", which was the opening theme of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro released on November 7. The first, Nightmare Single Collectionwas released under their old label, Nippon Crown and was the latest installment of their greatest hits. White Room was available only as a limited internet download. On May 21,they released their fifth original studio album titled " Killer Show ", their third album release that year.

Following the release, they toured Japan. Another single, "Lost in Blue" was released on September This was also released as a single on December 3. Nightmare started with a short 2-day tour titled "the 9th new departure" and announced the release of their album Majestical Parade. One of the songs from the album, "Melody", was available for a limited internet download on April 29, through Dwango. During this time, Nightmare collaborated with the internet video company Nico Nico in streaming a live concert on May 17 via Nico Nico Live.

The concert lasted for 19 minutes and 34 seconds. The summer tour was topped off by the band's second appearance at Nippon Budokan on August 29,in the "Parade Tour Finale "Majestic"". To finish upthey did a six-show, fan club only live house tour in December. This was followed by their very first performance at Saitama Super Arena on January 9.

The show was called Nightmare 10th Anniversary Special Act. As part of their celebrations, they toured several times. The final show of the tour was held at Nippon Budokanmarking their third time at the prestigious venue. In between Vol.

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The last part of the tour was titled Nightmare 10th Anniversary Special Act. They performed at Makuhari Messe for the very first time on December After a countdown clock appeared on their website, Nightmare announced an unexpected live called Publish! They also announced a new single would be released on May 18, titled "Vermilion" under Avex Entertainment.

They started their Time Rewind to Zero tour on April 15, Following the release of the single was a new tour called Zeppelin, where the band toured through Zepp live houses nationwide in Japan. For Halloween, Hitsugi participated in Hyde 's Halloween Junky Orchestra along with several other musicians to produce the song "Halloween Party" and an untitled instrumental track.After being involved with other bands in the visual kei movement, the trio decided that the Gazette would be their last band.

Originally signed to Matina, they released their first single, " Wakaremichi ", and first music video on April 30, In Octoberthey played their first solo live show, and on Christmasthe 5-song compilation Yougenkyou with the song "Okuribi" was released.

They started their first tour with the band Hanamuke, during which the two bands collaborated on two songs. A second tour followed with the band Vidoll. The bands were featured together on the November issue of Curea magazine focusing on visual kei bands. In early Decemberthey played a co-headlining show with Deadman. The performance was later released on DVD. Madara was followed on May 26 by a companion DVD that included six music videos and an in-the-studio documentary.

Their first studio album, Disorderwas released on October 13, and subsequently made it to the top 5 of the indies Oricon Daily Charts. The final performance of the tour was held at Shibuya Kokaido on April 17, On March 9, the Gazette released the new single " Reila ".

jrock album

On December 7,the band released their first single under a major label, " Cassis ". The promotional video of "Cassis", was shot in Austria. On December 11,the Gazette performed alongside other bands signed to the PS Company label to celebrate the record label's fifth anniversary Peace and Smile Carnival Tour.

With a name change in from Japanese characters to a romanizationthe Gazette released their second studio album, Nilon February 8, The final performance of the tour was held at Nippon Budokan. The concerts were arranged in conjunction with the AnimagiC anime and manga convention. Later that month, the band released two new singles, " Regret " on October 25, and " Filth in the Beauty " on November 1. To promote the singles, they began another tour, Tour Decomposition Beauty.

In the middle of tour, they announced that the final of the tour would be held at Yokohama Arena. In earlythe single "Hyena" was released. The band's third studio album, Stacked Rubbish followed on July 4, The album reached No. The album was followed by a long promotional tour called Tour Stacked Rubbish Pulse Wriggling to Black that went from July until April In the midst of the tour in October, the Gazette embarked on their first European tour, performing in England, Finland, France, and Germany.

In the beginning ofthe Gazette collaborated with GemCerey for jewellery.Johnny Reed McKinzie Jr. Rock ultimately chose to pursue a career as a rapper over a life of street crime. Records and later Asylum Recordsbut mergers fell through and Rock ended up leaving the label shortly after.

He then signed with Tech N9ne 's Strange Musicin a joint-venture record deal.

LiSA (Japanese musician, born 1987)

SinceRock has released several mixtapes and first becoming known for his commercial debut single, " All My Life In the Ghetto ", which features fellow American rappers Lil Wayne and will. Inafter signing his joint-venture deal with Strange Music, Rock's often-delayed and long-awaited debut studio album, Follow Me Homewas released in July of that year. His second studio album was released in September It was supported by the singles " Money Trees Deuce ", "Gumbo" and the title track.

In JuneRock released his third studio album Redemption. He would end up winning a Grammy award for the album's single " King's Dead ". All three albums have achieved relative critical and commercial success. After signing to TDE, Rock released several mixtapes throughout his neighborhood and via the internet.

Recordsin The single was promoted as one of " iTunes 's Free Downloads" in early Around the same time he left Warner Bros.

The song is also featured in the in-game radio station Radio Los Santos. Rock is featured on the song " Money Trees ", for which his verse was highly acclaimed. XXL named his verse the fourth best of the night. In NovemberRock told Power that his second studio album would be released in After teasing a release in January, the album, titled Redemptionwas announced on May 21,alongside the cover art and its release date, which was released on June 15, The Grammy Awards are annual awards presented by The Recording Academy to recognize outstanding achievement in the mainly English-language music industry.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jay Rock. Strange Cartoon Network former. Main article: Main article: Redemption Jay Rock album. Main articles: Jay Rock discography and Black Hippy discography.

Versailles (band)

Top Dawg Entertainment. Archived from the original on 14 September Retrieved 13 September After aspiring to become a musician early in life, she started her musical career as the vocalist of the indie band Chucky. Following Chucky's disbandment inLiSA moved to Tokyo to pursue a solo career, making her major debut in singing songs for the anime television series Angel Beats!

Inshe made her acting debut as Madge Nelson in the Japanese dub of the animated film Minions. Oribe was born in Gifu Prefecture on June 24, Oribe began her singing career in during her first year in high school when she formed a cover band playing indie rock band called Chucky.

Inshe made her major debut singing songs for the anime series Angel Beats! The first single "Thousand Enemies" was released on May 12; the second single "Little Braver" came out on June 9; and the third single "Ichiban no Takaramono Yui final ver.

jrock album

Miranic" on September 17,which peaked at No. She held her second Nippon Budokan concert on January 10 and 11,tickets for which were sold out. The discography of LiSA includes four studio albums, two compilation albums, two extended plays19 singles, and five video albums. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Seki, GifuJapan. Tatsuhisa Suzuki m.

The GazettE - Falling

J-pop anison rock pop punk. Main article: LiSA discography. Archived from the original on June 18, Retrieved November 14, January 18, Retrieved April 28, The Straits Times.

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South China Morning Post. Recording Industry Association of Japan. August Retrieved April 22, April 29,


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